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Welcome to Heinecke Wood Products!



We have been in the wood business for over 30 years and have been specializing in carving wood since 1995.  We know there is a lot of wood available, but top quality carving wood is hard to come by.  We have the knowledge and ability to produces this type of wood, and we have built our business on the ability to provide excellence in our product.  We control the quality of our wood from the time the trees are cut to the delivery of the finished product to our customers.  This allows us to guarantee the quality of our wood.



Heinecke Wood Products is a family owned business, which has grown by reputation and satisfied customers.  It now serves carvers in all 50 states.

We carry a large supply of block basswood and plaques for relief and chip carving, as well as thin wood for ornaments and other specialties.  Remember, at Heinecke Wood Products you can order any size block you want with no minimum size order.  We specialize in custom rough outs for our customers, of which we do not sell, but produce only for the individual artisan. 

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